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Chris Weeraya Rosendahl Appointed Interim Secretary General of IWWF Asia

The President of IWWF Asia, Thomas Lin, is pleased to announce that he has appointed Chris Weeraya Rosendahl from Thailand as interim Secretary General of IWWF Asia, following careful consideration and consultation with the IWWF President, IWWF Secretary General and IWWF Executive Director.  This appointment will be with immediate effect until the next IWWF Asian Congress, where formal elections will take place - date & venue to be announced. Chris Weeraya Rosendahl brings experience and enthusiasm to this position, currently one of the Board of Directors of the Thailand Extreme Sports Association (TESA) and a member of the IWWF World Cable Wakeboard Council. She has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the values and objectives of IWWF Asia, and there is confidence that she will excel in this interim capacity. As IWWF Asia navigates through this transitional period, it also remembers the late Chris Howarth for his dedicated service and invaluable contributions to IWWF Asia as Secretary General. His valuable contributions are much appreciated and he is missed.

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